Auditing Introduction Letter

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Auditing Introduction Letter
Travis Alexander
8 June 2015
Eddie Professor

Mr. Unum,

I would like to first take the time to thank you for placing your trust in Anderson, Olson & Watershed, PLLC to perform the audit and assurance services for Apollo Shoes, Inc. While as a team we understand your organization has many needs that have been presented, we seek to exceed your expectations in our efforts and due care with consideration of your company’s goals of this process. There are a few items I would like to not only address for clarity but also to offer you and your colleague’s added peace of mind.
To begin, Anderson, Olson & Watershed, PLLC offers an array of services that meet the needs of your firm. First, our audit team will conduct a systematic and independent examination of the company’s financial records including but not limited to the organizations books, accounts, documents, and any vouchers. This step is to measure and determine the truthfulness of the financial representation of the company as compared to the financial statements. Furthermore, in this review, our audit team will ensure the preparation of Apollo Shoes statements are properly maintained according to federal laws and regulations. We will use due diligence to gather the necessary materials, review, examine, and ultimately conclude with a decision based on our findings. In addition to the audit, we can offer many assurance services that will support the desired improvements of your organization and test both financial and non-financial areas of the company. Assurances offered by our firm include: accounts receivable review, business risk assessment, internal control review, financial security, information systems security, and comfort letters. To specifically address your concern, our audit team will perform an in-depth audit of errors and fraud within your…...

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... statements can help increase investment in an organization and decrease its cost of capital. Furthermore, an audit of a firm’s financial statements can help to identify fraudulent activity within the organization. In addition to an audit of financial statements, AOW has experience in conducting audits and reviews of historical financial statements. A review of historical financial statements is similar to an audit but requires less evidence and results in a lower level of... View Full Essay Join Now Please login to view the full essay... Essay's Statistics Submitted by: MihevcK Date shared: 03/10/2013 10:56 AM Words: 885 Pages: 4 Save Paper Report this Essay Similar Documents Apollo Shoes Auditing Introduction Letter Audit Introduction Letter Auditing Introduction Letter Auditing Introduction Letter Auditing Introduction Letter Apollo Shoes Letter Apollo Shoes Introduction Letter Apollo Shoes Introduction Letter Apollo Shoes Engagement Letter Apollo Shoes Letter Apollo Shoes Cash Audit Auditing Introduction Introduction Letter Financial Statement Fraud Schemes On Apollo Shoes Apollo Shoes Audit Engagement Letter Apollo Shoe Business Paper Apollo Shoes Audit Independence Letter Apollo Shoes...

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