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Chapter 22 World War I
1. Create a timeline of the events leading to the outbreak of war in Europe starting with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand June 28, 1914.

2. What was Wilson's first response to the outbreak of war in Europe?

3 Why was it difficult for the U.S. to remain a neutral trading nation?

4. What was the Lusitania crises and what was the U.S. response?

5.Describe the next 2 sinkings and the U.S. response.

6. Describe the Sussex Pledge.

7. Eventhough we were neutral, how was the U.S. really favoring the Allies?

8. Which ethnic groups in the U.S. favored the Central Powers and WHY?

9. How did the British make sure that America had a negative view of the Germans?
10. Discuss the U.S. lack of preparedness. Which groups and persons thought we should prepare just in case we were drawn into war?

11. What was President Wilson's stance on preparedness?

12. What groups and areas of the country were vehemently against preparedness and why?

13. Describe the election of 1916 and tell why Wilson won.

14. What were Wilson's last peace efforts to keep us out of war?

15. What are 3 major reasons why, eventhough he wanted peace, Wilson had to ask Congress for a declaration of war in April, 1817?

16. What was Wilson's slogan in his war declaration request?

17. Describe the War Industries Board and its leader Bernard Baruch.

18. What was Herbert Hoover's role in preparing for war?
19. What actions did the Fuel Administration under Harry GArfield take?

20. How did labor fair during the war? Who arbitrated disputes between labor and employers?

21. Who was George Creel and what was the job of the CPI?

22. What actions were promoted by the Hate the Huns campaign of the American Protective League?

23. Describe the Espionage Act of 1917.

24. Describe the Sedition Act.

25. Describe Schenk vs....

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