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Aussies Have an Unhealthy Obsession with Sport

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Good Morning chairperson, opposition and audience.

The topic for today's debate is that Australian’s have an unhealthy obsession with sport.

We, the Affirmative team, believe that this statement is true.

To begin, I would like to show you the definition of key words in the topic.

Obsession: a domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire

And unhealthy: morally bad, harmful, or contaminating

We define the topic as the following : Sports role in Australian Culture is dominating to the extent that it can be morally bad and contaminating.

Hi, Im Sam and today as 1st speaker; I will be sharing with you two points.

* An unhealthy amount of money is spent by our Australian government on sport * Our obsession with sport is headed by the media

Our second speaker _________ will be talking to you about * _____________________________________________________________________________________________ * _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Our Third Speaker, Toby will be summing up our team's case and refuting the arguments put forward by the negative team.

My first point today is that an unhealthy amount of money is spent by our Australian Government on sport.
Australian novelist Vereno Armanno (The Volcano) recently castigated our sport-obsessed society, taking the debate to an ethical plane. "Australia spends billions of dollars on sport," Armanno complained, "we supposedly ran the best Olympics ever, yet the plight of our original inhabitants is a disgrace. Our priorities are upside down."
Indeed. Statistics reveal that our Government spends around $2 billion on supporting sports and sporting venues yearly. This could house and educate a lot of people. Funding for public housing, for instance, is grossly inadequate. People are living and dying on Australian streets, while we drench sport in money. Aussie politicians are currently in Canberra arguing about what will get funding cuts. Housing, schoolkids bonuses and education are all possibly losing money, but how are these things any less important that our sport?

Secondly I would like to prove to you that Australia is obsessed with sport.
Although some people have never seen a game of footy or cricket, nor ever watched an Olympic event on the telly, they can tell Shane Warne from James Hird, Everyone knows the difference between Lleyton Hewitt and Ian Thorpe. Why? Because we are saturation-bombed by sport. The faces of sport stars stare at us from posters, TV screens and magazines like a dream team of Orwellian Big Brothers. But how many of us could recognise a prominent Australian conductor or scientist or a renowned Aussie dancer?
Chairperson, opposition and audience. In conclusion it is deemed by us, the affirmative team that….

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