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Final essay questions
AUIP North Queensland

1. What was your best experience on the AUIP Queensland trip? Why?
My favorite experience during the AUIP Queensland trip was snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. I have been fascinated by the ocean ever since my first trip to Myrtle Beach in 2002. I have always been interested in marine biology but have never taken an opportunity to take a course and really learn about it. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem and all the organisms and surrounding ecosystems it interacts with. Learning about the GBR ecosystem before snorkeling made the experience more interesting and rewarding. Having two guides also made the experience better because they knew more about the ecosystem and were experienced in that area. Snorkeling was by far the best way to end the trip and I was very happy that our itinerary saved the best for last. 2. What was your worst experience on the AUIP Queensland trip. Why? My least favorite experience on the AUIP Queensland trip was camping in the outback at Tyrconnell. This was my least enjoyable stay of the trip because I personally do not like camping. I have always thought of camping to be quite boring. I also found it hard to concentrate while preparing the debate and writing the essays because everyone was working in the same area. I also felt that when we did not have the course work and debate to prepare, there wasn’t much else to do. Although I found Tyrconnell to be the least enjoyable part of the program, I am glad I got to experience the outback and observe the different lifestyle of those who live there. 3. In what ways did the AUIP meet your expectations? In what ways did the AUIP not meet your expectations? Please explain.
The AUIP Australia program was definitely a life changing experience for me. I more or less signed up for the program blindly without knowing much about the itinerary or course information, yet it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I felt that the program provided good accommodation, excellent staff, and that the itinerary was almost perfect. Starting the program in Magnetic Island was a great experience for me. I was really happy that we stayed on the island for almost a week and had the time to adjust to new surroundings and recover from jet lag. Staying in Yungaburra was the biggest part of the trip that brought the entire group together. Paul’s charisma, not having televisions, the bus rides, and the group activities we did let everyone relax and really get to know each other. The only problem I had with the itinerary was that I felt that there was too much time spent in the rainforest. By the time we were in the Daintree rainforest I could not wait to get back to a city with civilization. Looking back on the program, I was very happy with where it started and where it ended, and was less happy with the places in between (with the exception of Yungaburra). Another way the trip did not meet my expectations was the course work. Although the essays were not difficult, I would encourage future participants to bring a laptop to do the course work. Not having a laptop made the course work tedious and more time consuming.

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