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B Managing Director’s Report (2010)

This year’s improved trading is the result of a focused effort of the executive leadership team on
the ‘Build the Base’ phase of our strategic plan with a relentless drive to build revenue and reduce
factory conversion costs.

During the year we rebuilt market share in our important In-Home savoury category with revenue
increasing well over the category growth. Our strong relationships with the major supermarkets
have enabled Patties’ brands to strengthen as market leaders. The Out-of-Home revenue increased
to another record level, in line with the strategic intent of increasing our mix of revenue towards
foodservice and other non-grocery channels [products sold through the Out-of-Home market].
The sales management was restructured with a new Head of Sales (Tim Peters ex Fonterra)
joining the business. The investment in sales resources in all regions of Australia ensures we
have a truly national representation.

New products, across all channels, once again, drove the increased sales. The company’s exceptional
technical expertise, led by the well experienced members of the original owners, the Rijs Family,
has enabled these new products to be launched with rapid entry to market.

The new Four’N Twenty legendary Angus range was developed and taken to commercialisation
stage during the year with the successful launch in June 2010. We expect this range to provide
further growth in the near term.

There was increased marketing for the premium range of Herbert Adams savoury products.
A significant lift in sales in both In-Home and Out-of-Home channels was achieved from the new
TV commercial and consumer promotion celebrating Herbert Adams 100 years.

The Four’N Twenty brand increased exposure with the sponsorship of the AFL [national league]
All Australian Football team. This…...