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Australian Legal System in Context

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Semester 1

Table of contents

Topic Page number
Unit rationale and learning outcomes 3
Calendars – lectures and tutorial workshops 4
Tutorial workshop exercises 5-11
Assessment information 12-23
Assessment tasks 12
Part 1 – VCAT and Applied law 12
Part 2 – VCAT and Contextual analysis 13
Hypothetical Case Studies 15
• Residential Tenancies List 15
• Planning and Environment List 18
• Anti-Discrimination list 20
Assessment criteria 22
Reading guide 24-28

Su Robertson, Unit Coordinator 9919 1823

Unit rationale
BLB1101 Australian Legal System in Context:

• Provides you with a working foundation in the technical structure of Australian legal systems, using applied practical teaching and learning methods;
• Exposes you to ways of making sense of Australian legal systems in a legal academic way using the themes of economics, sustainability, race and gender;
• Inducts you in the ways of the lawyer, including appropriate language use and structure, ethics and legal professional behaviour, using reflective, applied and theory-based teaching and learning methods.

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of BLB1101, you will:

• Be able to identify and understand the components of Australian legal systems, how these components intersect and interact, and how lawyers use these systems;
• Be able to identify and use the language of law in the way of a legal professional;
• Be able to situate and analyse Australian legal systems within broader social and political contexts;
• Be able to format and write about law in a coherent and professional way;
• Have the ability to use reflection as a legal professional learning tool.

Calendars Semester 1, 2014
LECTURES (FP G372 - Mondays, 1pm; CQ G.01 -...

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