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Example Acceptable Use Policy for IT Systems

Using this policy
One of the challenges facing organizations today is enabling employees to work productively while also ensuring the security of the IT network and, crucially, the data on it. Given that technology is continually changing, employees play a significant role in IT security. This policy provides a framework for users to follow when accessing IT systems and the data on them. It is intended to act as a guideline for organizations looking to implement or update their own Acceptable Use Policy.
Feel free to adapt this policy to suit your organization. Where required, adjust, remove or add information according to your needs and your attitude to risk. This is not a comprehensive policy but rather a pragmatic template intended to serve as the basis for your own policy.
Your use of this policy is entirely at your own risk and Sophos therefore makes no conditions, warranties, or representations of any kind, including without limitation fitness for a particular purpose.
This policy should be linked to other policies which support your organization’s posture on IT and data security, such as a mobile device security policy, safe password policy and a data security policy.

Example Policy

1. Introduction

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for IT Systems is designed to protect , our employees, customers and other partners from harm caused by the misuse of our IT systems and our data. Misuse includes both deliberate and inadvertent actions.

The repercussions of misuse of our systems can be severe. Potential damage includes, but is not limited to, malware infection (e.g. computer viruses), legal and financial penalties for data leakage, and lost productivity resulting from network downtime.

Everyone who works at is responsible for the security of our IT systems and the data on them. As such, all...

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