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Auto Industry Analysis

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Auto Component Industry in India: Growing Capabilities & Strengths

• India: A Vibrant Economy • Automotive Industry in India • Auto Component Industry in India • Policy Environment • Capabilities & Challenges • The Way Forward • About ACMA


India: A Vibrant Economy


India: A Vibrant Economy
1. Largest Democracy – 1.2 billion people, Growing Middle Class 2. 4th largest GDP (PPP) and 10th largest GDP (Nominal, USD 1.8 trillion) 3. One of the fastest growing economies
• •

India’s average GDP growth rate: 8.4% over past 5 years Expected to outpace China in the next decade

4. 3rd Largest Investor base in the World 5. Robust Legal and Banking Infrastructure 6. Demographics Advantage – Youth driven economy 7. Suburbanization & Rural to Urban Migration – 140 million by 2020; 700 million by 2050 8. 2nd largest pool of Certified Professionals and highest number of Qualified Engineers in the world 9. Investment in Infrastructure

Automotive Industry in India


Automotive Clusters in India
Eicher Escorts Hero Moto Corp Honda Motorcycle Honda SIELCars ICML JCB Maruti Suzuki New Holland Mahindra Suzuki Motorcycles Swaraj Mazda Tata Motors Yamaha


*New Hub: Sanand Tata Motors, Maruti, Ford India,

Hindustan Motors Tata Motors

East West
Bajaj Auto Fiat Force Motors GM John Deere Mahindra Mahindra Navistar Man Force Mercedes Benz PSA Skoda Tata Hitachi Tata Motors Volkswagen Volvo Eicher Ashok Leyland BMW Caterpillar South Daimler Ford Hindustan Motors Hyundai Nissan Renault Royal Enfield Same Deutz TAFE Tata Motors Toyota Kirloskar TVS Volvo Buses (Illustrative List)

Significant Manufacturing base of OEMs – Indian & Global

Rapidly growing presence of Global OEMs
Passenger Vehicle market share by OEM parent country
2007 2011

Mahindra Hindustan Motors Premier

Maruti Suzuki Tata Motors Mahindra...

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