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Automakers Become Software Companies

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1. How is software adding value to automakers product?

Software adding value to automakers product by not invest so heavily in new vehicle Production. For example, Ford Motor Company takes two and one-half years to plant, design and build a new car. Design and production including metal stamping equipment and assembly line setup, must be finalized long before the car rolls off the line. But the automakers can create a new software interface for car within months and update it again and again over the life of the car without much lead time. This enables Ford and other automaker to significantly improve the passenger experiences and add new features to cars years after they are built.

Beside that, Ford make MyFord Touch Software is an in dash touch screen that available for select vehicles with control for navigation, music, phone integration and temperature. Ford also has upgrade this interface and the sync software behind the interface, adding tablet and smartphone integration and better voice response. Next, in 2010, Ford added support for the online music streaming service Pandora. This update enables drivers to connect their tablets and smartphones to the sync system to access music and other apps using voice commands.

2. How are the automakers benefiting from software- enhanced ears? How are customers benefiting?

Ford is perhaps the automakers doing the most to innorate with software and application. Ford has upgraded the interface and the sync software behind the interface, adding tablet and smartphone integration and better voice response.

Technology of software might help car to avoid traffic jams, to reserve parking spaces in advance, and possibly to even drive themselves. To manage vehicles, by…...

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