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Automobile Electronics Manufacturing in the Us

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Automobile Electronics Manufacturing in the US April 2014


Plugged in: The industry will focus on energy efficiency during its recovery

IBISWorld Industry Report 33632

Automobile Electronics Manufacturing in the US
April 2014 Zachary Harris
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About this Industry
Industry Definition Main Activities Similar Industries Additional Resources

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21 Market Share Concentration 21 Key Success Factors 21 Cost Structure Benchmarks 23 Basis of Competition 24 Barriers to Entry 24 Industry Globalization

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Automobile Electronics Manufacturing in the US April 2014


About this Industry
Industry Definition
This industry manufactures motor vehicle parts that have or operate with the aid of small components that control and direct an electric current. Industry operators include manufacturers of lighting systems, electrical wiring, electrical control units, sensors, electronic ignition systems and driver displays. Manufacturers of electric motors are excluded.

Main Activities

The primary activities of this industry are Alternator manufacturing Spark plug manufacturing Ignition coil...

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