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Automotive Services Data Base Project Plan

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Automotive Services Data Base Project Plan
MGMT404 Project Management
DeVry University Online

26 August 2014

Table of Contents

• Project charter
• Scope statement
• Work breakdown structure
• Network diagram
• Risk management plan
• Resource management plan
• Communication management plan

Project Charter
Automotive Services has been having issues tracking and holding all its customers in its current data base. They have hired Nicholas Guillory to make a new and improved data base system to Improved it’s tracking system and hold 10 times the amount of customers in its data base. This will improve automotive services tracking customers and will be able to hold more customers to expand on its data base systems
This project will create a better and faster way of tracking and looking up customer’s information. It will show information on services performed and when the next service is due. This will be a new redefine customer data base that will produce better and more accurate reports.

The new customer data base is designed to meet a growing customer data base. It will help the company keep up with the growing demand of car buyers and services provided. The completion of this project will give the company the ability to better track services and customers. It will also give the company the ability to add more customers in the data base to give it more revenue and gain customers and services in turn increase it profits. It could also look in to what system other companies are using and could use the budgeting is 60,000 to produce a new customer data base.
Project plan complete-08/01
Analysis Complete- 08/25
Developed System Buildup-09/01
System Deployment-09/20
Testing Phase-10/01
Update System-11/01

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