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Avon in Global Market in 2009: Managing and Developing a Global Workforce

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School of Information Systems

End of Semester 1 Examination
June 2006

Internal/External Students: Internal and External. All Campuses.

Unit Name: Business Statistics 101

Unit Number & Version: 10993 Version 3

Duration: Two hrs preceded by a 10 minute reading period. Supervisor will indicate when answering of exam may begin. If you wish to make notes, please use the back of your exam paper, or on the edge columns.

Instructions: Answer all five questions in the space provided on this paper.

Total Marks: 60

Aids to be supplied by the University: None

Aids to be supplied by the Student: One A4 sheet of paper hand- or type written on both sides. Text book by Keller [any edition; need not be clean]

Calculator: As approved by the School


Mobile phones or any other devices capable of communicating information are prohibited from use during examinations.
Electronic Organizers / PDAs or any other similar devices capable of storing text or other restricted information are prohibited.
Calculators – if the use of a calculator in the exam is allowed, only calculators specifically approved by the school may be used. The examiner will check for compliance prior to the commencement of the exam.
Any breaches of this policy will be considered cheating and appropriate action will be taken as per University policy


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QUESTION 1 (12 marks)

a) In a city where 30% of the people own their own homes, the probability of a home-owner having an elite credit card is 40%, while for a non-home-owner it is only 20%. What is the likelihood that any...

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