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I. Introduction
A. Company Background
Avon Products, Inc. is a US cosmetics, perfume and toy seller with markets in over 140 countries across the world and sales of $9.9 billion worldwide as of 2007.
Avon Product is a multi-level marketing company. The company's chairman and CEO is Andrea Jung, who was promoted to the position in 1999. She has completed a decade as CEO and is the longest tenured female CEO among Fortune 500 companies
Avon uses both door-to-door sales people ("Avon ladies," primarily and a growing number of men) and brochures to advertise its products.
B. Research Design and Methodology

This paper is primarily to formulate and recommend general strategies for the Avon Company in terms of competition in cosmetic and beauty industry. This will determine the company’s situation in the market.
II. External Analysis
A. Economic Forces
Avon is the world's largest direct seller. Being an Avon Representative means you’re selling an iconic global brand while running your own local business. With Avon, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Avon's field management, as well as your fellow Representatives, provide mentoring, training and support every step of the way.
Powerful Brand

Avon Representatives around the world sell four lipsticks every second. Avon has 90% brand recognition in most major markets. In fact, two out of five women worldwide purchased an Avon product in the last year. And more beauty products carry the Avon name than any other brand in the world. As an Avon Representative, you will have the chance to sell beauty innovations that revolutionize the industry. You will have the opportunity to offer customers a broad range of products that appeal to a diverse consumer base.

Compelling Earnings Opportunity

You can earn money two ways: by simply selling products or…...