Avon is a world largest leading manufacturer of beauty and home products organization. The company was as established in 1886 under the name of California Perfume Company (CPC) and then was changed to Avon Product, Inc in 1939 by the same founder David H. McConnell and remained the same to current period.
Avon is a globally famous and successful in its direct selling strategy if selling door to door, the company creates more than $10 billion in annual revenue. Avon Company has acquired a strong and attractive brand portfolio that attracts multiple of customers around the world. The company is selling in more than hundred countries operated with forty six thousand employees and has over six million representatives.
Avon is a multi marketing company. The company chairman and CEO is Andrea Jung who was promoted to the position in the year 1999. She is so far in the position of CEO for twelve years as is considered to be the longest termed female CEO among five hundred companies.
Avon was primarily directed for female customers; however the company expanded its products line and now offers varieties of products including male, toys and home products. The company is largely under control of women and serving under the goal of women empowerment and continues to help women by providing fund for education purposes and researches such as for breast cancer.

1) Evaluate Avon’s Strategic International Human Resources practices in global market regarding development of a global management cadre, HCNs and building company associates and independent representatives in host countries.
Avon Strategic International Human Resources practices in global markets:
Businesses are no longer limited by national boundaries. The majority of the world’s large corporations performs a significant portion of their activities now outside their home countries and thereby…...