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Acxiom: Utilizing Smarter Data for Competitive Advantage

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Over the last decade, there has been a worldwide surge in the utilization of consumer data in hopes of creating better relationships with customers. Companies have come to realize the importance of knowing their consumers on a more personal level. Whether it is by social media, surveys, or directories, the opportunities that exist in these modern times have provided us with more personal data than we could have ever imagined in the past. In order to stay relevant, it is important to understand consumer trends, which will help organizations to improve their marketing habits in order to remain relevant against competitors.

Among large-scale US agencies and brand executives, 85% said Big Data had yielded more than half of marketing initiatives when it came to increasing insights into consumer behavior. Increasing sales, sign-ups and registrations, ROI, customer satisfaction and sales leads also saw similar numbers when seeing benefits from using Big Data.

Collecting consumer data might sound like an easy task to some people. However, knowing about your target audience is one of the most important challenges companies and organizations face. There are multitudes of different options that businesses can choose from when it comes to collecting data.
Giant Eagle
Giant Eagle has become one of the most successful chains in the North Eastern region of the United States over the past 25 years. As said by CEO, Laura…., “Most of the company’s success can be accredited to our commitment to make every customer feel like they we know them on a more personal level.” Due to the implementation of their Giant Eagle Advantage Card, which is used to record purchasing data from customers, they have...

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