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Ayn Rand Anthem Analysis

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“The words of the evil ones, the words of the unmentionable times. What are the words which we have lost?¨ Equality 7-2521 states of Ayn Rand Anthem. This classic novella is about one man facing the laws of the society. Were everyone thinks he’s a sinner. He fights for equality. Along his trials he finds out what the passion to love to be elated, to feel free. Equality 7-2521 was in a dark world to begin with. He wanted to escape the society, he finally is facing the fact and letting go of all the pain,fear,doubt. The fearful dark and quiet city, no one talks everyone listens everyone is equal. He is breaking a law because he’s alone. “The laws say that none among men may be along at anytime. For this is the great transgression and the root of all evil.¨ (Rand 17) …show more content…
Mankind is all. By the grace of our brothers we allowed our lives. We exist through,by and for our brothers who are the state amen.” (Rand 21) He is accepting that he is a sinner and he treasures it he doesn't care what the council thinks or says. “We are defying the will of our councils we alone. Of the thousands who walk this earth we alone in this hour are doing a work which has no purpose save that we wish to do it.” (Rand 36) This is a world he could not live in anymore. He is feeling things fondness to content to feel love to feel free. He is starting to change, to find himself. “We don't know why when we think of them we feel of a sudden that the earth is good and that it is not a burden to live.” (Rand 41) He is accepting he is a sinner and the council is losing power over him. “If this is a view then we wish to virtue.” (Rand 47) Willing to die have no fear. “What even if we have to burn.” He is feeling good about life he feels

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