Marketing Plan
Is a feasibility study that weighs the costs and benefits of starting a business or a particular project.

Business Overview
Business Strategies
Marketing Strategies
SWOT Analysis
PESTLE Analysis
Porter’s 5 forces
Marketing Management
Product Life Cycle
BCG Matrix

Marketing case Studies
Overview of the company
Focus of the Study

Marketing Strategy Implementation
Thoroughly go through the case study, highlight the main points, understand what the requirements are, go for the key points and search accordingly.

Do’s and Don’t
Don’t waste your time on searching for data for a company if you’re not able to find much.
Search for a similar company from the same industry on which you can find data. For example, if you cannot find enough or relevant data on Tata motors, then search for its competitors maybe, like Ford motors, Honda, Toyota and gather as much data you can.
Sometimes, case studies tend to be long and we often work on short deadlines. Therefore, reading the whole case study won’t be much feasible for everyone.
In this case, go through the questions thoroughly and search for keywords in the question and the case study.

How to get A paper in Compliance and Presentation

(a) Pre- writing stage
i. Brainstorming

Establish understanding of wide subject area and topic
Break the topic description into meaningful chunks

ii. Auxiliary material
Extensively study all the attachments and supplementary material

iii. Outline formation

Choosing Right Keywords (alternatives, variations, acronyms, synonyms)
In case of one-liners attempt for a logical flow (search the topic and the desired sub-sections that could be incorporated without deviating from the subject area/ add comparisons etc.)
Make a list of the desired headings, sections and sub-sections (preferably mark them in the document map)
Keep the word…...

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