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Understanding the details of various online marketing products that are being offered under a package for the real estate companies.
Acquiring the potential customers’ database.
Making customized proposals for these potential customers based on their needs.
Analyzing the online marketing done by the competitors of these customers and including that in the proposal.
Approach the potential customers and present the proposals to them.
Follow up with the approached customers and try to fix the deal with them.


Company Project Study in P-Square, Pune was an excellent and highly enriching experience which taught me the various important facts about Business Development for a company.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Atul Poharkar, Mr. Rohan Dalvi and Mr. Nilesh Palressha for not only guiding me from time to time but also giving me extremely valuable insights.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Atul Poharkar, firstly for giving me an opportunity to apply myself and then for taking time out from his very busy schedule to give me all the help I needed.

This acknowledgment would be incomplete without expressing my thanks to everybody, including my partner, in P-Square, Pune who took time and effort to share their views to guide me during these enriching two months. * * * Sachin Gupta

Table of Contents

Executive Summary1
About P-Square4
Lead Generation5
Short listing of Potential Clients5
Proposal Preparation5 Importance of Internet and Online Marketing5 The Web Impact-Statistics and Figures5 Internet vs traditional media5
Internet and Real estate Pune5 The iCrave COMS package5
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)5
Pay Per Click...

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