B737 Anti Collision Light System

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Aircraft Lighting System
B 737 Anti – Collision Lighting System

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Anti – Collision Light System Installation
Anti - Collision Light System Installation According JAR 25
JAR 25.1401 Anti-Collision light system

(b) Field of coverage.

The system must consist of enough light to illuminate the vital areas around the aeroplane considering the physical configuration and flight characteristics of the aeroplane.

The field of coverage must extend in each direction within at least 75’ above and 75” below the horizontal plane of the aeroplane, except that a solid angle or angles of obstructed visibility totalling not more than 0.03 steradians is allowable within a solid angle equal to 0.15 steradians centred about the longitudinal axis in the rearward direction.


Each anti-collision light must be either aviation red or aviation white and must
meet the applicable requirements of JAR 25.1397

B 737 Anti - Collision Light System Installation
B737 Maintenance Manual, ATA 33 – Light, Exterior Lighting, page 33-40-00

Anti - collision Lights

A. The anticollision lights make the airplane more easily seen.
B. The anticollision lights are installed on the upper and lower fuselage.
C. Both the upper and the lower anticollision lights flash. Each light is
strobe light with a red lens.

Diagram of Anti Collision Light System in B 737

1. From my findings through the maintenance manual the installation of the B 737 anti- collision light is not stated specifically like in JAR 25.
2. Nevertheless the colour of the light used is according to JAR 25.…...