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Culture and Performance
Jason D. Carr
Grantham University

Culture and Performance
Throughout this short essay there will be many different forms of how an organization’s culture affects its own performances. Specifically dwelling within the thoughts of individualism versus collectivism. Secondly with power distance, uncertainty along with risk avoidance strategies. Finally, the topics of achievement versus nurturing orientation on how the lye on organizational performances.
An individualistic society depends upon the values of freedom and independence, while a collectivistic society depends on group harmony and consensus. The values in each society play an intricate role in developing communication styles for a business message targeted at each specific audience (Study).
The main advantage of individualism within the business world is the concept of “freedom of speech”. With this process, it allows everyone’s opinions to be heard and also serves as a great check and balance within the team. However with every topic, there is also the down side too. The disadvantage of this is that it enables self-centeredness and if you are one of the weaker ones of the team, it allows you to be pushed around. The entire thought of individualism is for personal gain.
Collectivism deals mainly with proper teamwork, minimizing confrontations as much as possible and promoting strong harmony within the team. With this topic it does not allow for true creativity and thoughtful openness to others opinions.
But when we compare both of these two side by side, it is completely open to the end state goals of the team to actually decide which one is better for their own purposes. With this being stated, individualism would possibly prove better for smaller groups while collectivism in return would hold better value in larger group settings. Also, it seems that...

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