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Bac10 Career Research Paper

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November 5, 2015 Job Paper

The purpose of this paper is to write about three different types of jobs which interested me the most. After completing the Focus 2 work interest, personality, skills, values and leisure interest assessments, my top career choices are: an electronic drafter, a real estate broker, and a tool and machine designer. The skills that I currently have and am working towards, would be suitable for these three career choices. These are: a two year degree, a bachelors degree, and an advanced degree.
Electronic Drafter
The national average salary is: $54,800. Suitable majors at Idaho State
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Electrical engineering, electromechanical technology. CAD/CADD drafting, and electrician. The skills that I require to develop or improve to successfully complete the job of an electronic drafter include: the minimum of two years post-secondary training in drafting at a university or college with a 4 year training program; or training at a community college or secondary school. Drafting skills and mechanical drawing that have been well developed, and strong background in CADD, as well as first class all round IT skills, a knowledge of math, engineering technology, science, and drafting standards. I would also be required to be innovative and show initiative; have integrity, and the capacity to pay meticulous attention to detail. Working under pressure to meet deadlines and practising good time management are also important …show more content…
The skills that I require to develop or improve to successfully complete the job of an electronic drafter include: working as part of a team, having an innovative outlook as machine designers are responsible for designing, generating, testing, and investigating devices that are mechanized; being proficient in measuring the dimensions for on site machinery and an astute observer of production lines. And having an up-to-date knowledge in cutting edge equipment including power-producing machines and power-using machines. In addition to this, having a specialized knowledge in building or generating different sized pieces of equipment such as: air conditioning units, electric generators, personal appliances, elevators, gas turbines and

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