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In my previous role as Food & Beverage manager & Hotel Duty Manager at many five star resort in many parts of the world including Mauritius , Uk , Israel ,Maldives, Cook island and New Zealand ..

Senior executive role with years of hospitality leadership experiences including :

• Hotel Duty Manager which include Front office, Reservation ,housekeeping and all other department of the hotel. • Food and Beverage Manager • Restaurant Manager • Café Manager • Chef Manager • Conference and Banqueting operation • Bar Manager, Head Bartender and Somellier. • Event Management • Barista • Sales consultant ( Sales industry ) • Account Manager ( Sales industry

I am a young , friendly ,diplomatic and self-motivated person with an energetic marketer , a strong leader , have a creative and imaginative hospitality acumen .

A history of driving strong visionary organizational performance in a variety of settings in the hotel department.

Build consensus within organizations and align efforts to improve processes and achieve quantum growth.

Use global market knowledge and ability to envision future trends to lead growth in the hospitality.

Form profitable strategic plan and manage change, overseeing departments and implementation of outlet projects and event that increase productivity and control costs.

Along the way, I’ve learned a lot, including how to deal with staff with dfferent culture that meet the needs of real-life in the hospitality industry . There are a lot of variables you need to pay attention in order to manage the team effectively . However, there’s an important variable that I may have the least control over but matters as much as anything else.

I have seen it happen over and over again – issue with different culture, and wildly different results.


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