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Assignment for Ex. Bachelor in Management – Marketing Module[pic][pic]
There’s much ado about the new Proton Saga FLX, and for good reason – the entry-level offering from the company now wears a continuous variable transmission, and the variant also finally brings stuff like ABS and EBD to the playground, so you can expect that there are plenty of questions as to how the just-launched variant shapes up.
Nothing like sampling the car then, and though it was a only a short workout, it did reveal enough about the new prospect and whether things buzz as well as the promise suggests.
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Proton arranged a test drive session of the P2-11C, to give the car its internal code, yesterday at its semi-high speed test track in Shah Alam, and also provide more detailed info on the changes and new tech featured on the FLX.
While not radical in number, the revisions are nonetheless substantial, given that the FL Saga was introduced into the market less than eight months ago. Meaningful would best describe it. Leading the way in for the new is of course the CVT unit, which comes from Belgian manufacturer Punch Powertrain. No mention was made of the model being used in the FLX, but given specification requirements, it should be the VT2 that’s on the car.
Plans for the introduction of a new drivetrain began at the end of 2008, and among the options looked at were five- and six-speed autoboxes as well as DCT, with CVT eventually being the pick. While improved driving comfort and fuel economy are the primary draws, the company says going the CVT route offers other positives, among them a lower cost due to its simple structure, the usage of less components as well as easier operation from a smaller, lighter package (it’s 25% lighter than the current four-speed auto).
Other pluses include less engine fatigue and a more reliable...

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