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Please fill with the following terms into an Irrevocable Documentary Credit Form to issue usance credit payable at sight.
(1) Credit is available with the advising bank by acceptance of beneficiary’s draft at 90 days sight on the advising bank.
(2) Drawer bank’s discount and/or interest charges and acceptance commission are for the account of applicant and therefore the beneficiary is to receive value for the term drafts as if drawn at sight.
(3) We are authorized to pay claim in respect of your discount amount relating to this credit in excess of the credit amount.
(4) Upon receipt of full set of documents in conformity with credit terms, we shall credit draft amount as indicated on BP Advice plus discount and other charges at maturity to the credit of your Beijing Office DEM account with us.

|Name of Issuing Bank: |Irrevocable |
|COMMERZE BANK AG. |Documentary Credit Number329485 |
|Place and Date of Issue: |Expiry date and Place for Presentation of documents |
|Hamburg, 2 March, 200X |Expiry Date: |
| |Place for Presentation: |
|Applicant: | |
|Karl and Rosendner Co., Hamburg | |
|Advising Bank: Reference No. |Beneficiary: |
|Bank of Asia, Tianjin |China National Native Produce & Animal By-products Imp. & Exp. |
| |Corp., Tianjin Native Produce Branch, Tianjin, China |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| |Amount: |
| |DEM60,000.00(Deutsche Marks sixty thousand only) |
|Partial shipments □allowed |Credit available with Nominated Bank:付款方式 |
|分运 X not allowed |□by payment at sight |
| |□by deferred payment at: |
| |□by acceptance of drafts at: |
| |□by negotiation |
| | |
| |Against the documents detailed herein: 汇票 |
| |□and Beneficiary’s draft(s) drawn on: |
|Transshipments X allowed | |
|转运 □not allowed | |
|□Insurance will be covered by buyers | |
|Shipment as defined in UCP500 Article 46 | |
|From: Chinese port | |
|For transportation to: Hamburg | |
|Not later than: 30 April, 200X | |
| | |
|Documents required: |
|1. Full set of clean on board marine bill of lading made out to order and endorsed in blank marked “Freight |
|Prepaid”. |
|2. Insurance policy for invoice amount plus 10% for imaginary profit covering all risks and war risks. |
|3. Certificate of origin Form S issued by competent authorities. |
|4. Evidencing shipment of 80 metric tons (5% more or less) in drums of 290 kilos net each Chinese Bees Honey, |
|light amber color at the price of DEM750.00 per metric tons CIF Hamburg. |
|Documents to be presented within 15 days after the date of shipment but within the validity of the Credit. 交单期 |
|We hereby issue the Irrevocable Documentary Credit in your favor. It is subject to the Uniform Customs and |
|Practice for Documentary Credit(1993 Revision, International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France, Publication |
|No.500) and engage us in accordance with the terms thereof. We request you to advise the Beneficiary |
|□Without adding your confirmation □adding your confirmation |
|□adding your confirmation, if requested by the beneficiary |
|Special instruction: |
|_______________________________________________________________________ |
|______________________________________________________________________ |
|Instructions to the negotiating bank: |
|______________________________________________________________________ |
|_______________________________________________________________________ |
| |
| |
|Name and signature of the Issuing Bank |
|This document consists of□ signed page(s) |

2. Please fill the following particulars in a credit form to issue a Red Clause credit.
(1) issuing date: 6 June, 2015
(2) credit No. 256734
(3) Credit amount: AUD 64,000.00 (say Australian dollars)
(4) expiry date: 31 July, 2015
(5) available with the advising bank by negotiation
(6) shipment date: 16 July, 2015
(7) special condition
“The Issuing Bank authorizes the Negotiating Bank to pay 60% of the amount of the Credit in advance to the beneficiary against the following presentations:
I. a receipt for the advance duly signed by the beneficiary;
II. an undertaking from the beneficiary to the utilize the funds to purchase and pack the goods;
III. the undertaking of the beneficiary to present full set of documents as stipulated in the Credit to the Negotiating bank within the expiry of the credit.
After the advance payment has been made to the beneficiary, the Negotiating Bank may claim reimbursement to be supported by the receipt and undertaking on the Issuing Bank which will reimburse the negotiating bank immediately.
Upon negotiation of documents presented by the beneficiary, the advance payment for 60% of the credit amount will be deducted from the whole negotiating amount for beneficiary’s refundment. The remaining approximate 40% of the invoice value will be claimed by the Negotiating bank on the Issuing Bank for its reimbursement.


Advice for the Advising Bank

Red Clause Credit
Name of Issuing Bank Place and date of issue Bank of Australia London,
Name of Beneficiary Advised through
To: Marlin Wool Co., Melbourne Bank of Australia, Melbourne

Dear Sirs:
At the request and on the instructions of (name and address of the applicant), we hereby issue an Irrevocable Documentary Credit No. for (say ) to expire on or before at Melbourne of your draft for 40% of the invoice value drawn at sight on us against the presentation of the documents detailed herein:
ÅÆæîùÿ g p $
p y z


¸ í "

ÿ①Commercial invoice in triplicate.
②Full set clean on board ocean bills of lading made out to order endorsed in blank marked “freight prepaid”.
③Parking list in triplicate.
Evidencing shipment from London to Melbourne not later than
Partial shipments not allowed. Transshipment allowed.
(7)Special condition

Instructions to the Negotiating Bank
All shipping documents in compliance with the terms and conditions of the credit shall be forwarded by you immediately to us for beneficiary’s refundment of 60% advance payment and claiming your reimbursement of 40% invoice value.

We engage with drawers and bona-fide holders of draft drawn under and negotiated in compliance with the terms and conditions of the credit that such draft shall be duly honoured upon due presentation.
This credit is subject to UCP 600.
Yours faithfully
Bank of Australia,

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