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Back to College

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Back to College
Kristen Marcel
English 121: English Composition 1
Michael Slotemaker
March 30, 2015

Back to College I think that everybody should consider going to college. Deciding to go back to college was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Going back to college was a very important decision. I took many steps in order to make sure I was making the right choice. It has and will continue to be a very positive influence in my life. Graduating college will improve my life in major ways. Providing the qualifications I will need to for my career choice, boosting my overall self-worth, and the feeling of achievement that I will receive from graduating college will effect the rest of my life. Having to chose a college that worked best for me and what to major in were the hardest steps to take. I used the internet to research different colleges. I also researched what careers go with certain majors. At first, I wasn't sure what college to pick from. I knew that an online college would work better for me because of the flexibility. The classroom environment was not something I cared for since it was hard for me to learn anything with so much going on. I always wanted a business or finance degree. When I noticed that Ashford was associated with Forbes, I was very interesting in finding out more about the school. With the help of my Admissions Counselor, I took all the appropriate steps so that I could begin working on my studies. I think that getting a degree is very important because it will give me the quilificatoins I will need for my career. Having a degree on my resume to back me up will be very rewarding. It will also allow me to be more financially stable. I don't want to have to rely on anyone else so being able to provide for myself is very important to me. I knew that getting a degree would be the best way for me to start planning for my future. Being able to make a living in today's society is very important. I feel more stable and secure knowing that my chances of not having a good job after I get my degree are very slim. Before I decided to finally go back to college, I wasn't in a very good place in life. I was feeling down on myself. My circumstance in life were not at all what I waned them to be. After many hardships, I finally found the courage within myself to do something about it. I decided I wanted to be something more then I was. I wanted to be able to depend on myself so that I would never find myself in that circumstance again. When I made the choice to change what I was doing and start to focus on my future my self-worth instantly got better. It gave me a sense of purpose in life. I have achieved many things in life but graduating college will be the ultimate achievement. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to graduate college. I will continue to remind myself that all the time invested in my schoolwork is going to be worth it. I just have to stay motivated and try my best. I know that all my hard work and dedication will pay off. The success I plan on receiving in my career also helps to keep me motivated. I believe that I already have achieved so much just by overcoming my doubts and going back to college.
If you haven't already considered going to college I hope that after reading this you do. Going to college or back to college, since this is my second college attempt, has been the best thing that has happen to me in a while. My online college experience has been an even bigger positive effect on my life. I enjoy the online classroom way better so I've been able to really enjoy and embrace this experience. Its all about finding out what works best for you. I am very thankful of all my family and friends that have supported my decision to go back to school. I will continue to reach for my goals, learn from my mistakes and become the best me I can be.

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