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Bad Bosses

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We live in a society where a diverse and broad range of job opportunities are offered by various organisations. But all these organizations suffer from one common problem which is recognition problem- they can’t seem to recognize a good leader from bad ones. A leader is generally

defined as someone who inspires, rules or guides the work activites of others. A good boss

creates clear focus on desired outcomes, properly equip their operations for high performance

and above all build strong working relationships and foster teamwork. He creates a climate

where employees receive ongoing feedback and coaching and they strive to maintain a work-life

balance. Flexibility, understanding and the ability to listen to the employees makes up some of

the important characteristics of a good boss. On the contrary, a leader who criticizes, belittles

and disrespects his employees earns the label of a bad boss. A bad boss fails to give recognition

for the little things his employee does. Such leaders not only make life miserable for their

employees, but hamper organizational performance. No one starts out their career trying to be a

horrible boss. Yet, it is amazing to see that a vast majority of the folk seem to accomplish this

feat with absolutely no training. It is possible that a good leader turns into bad under difficult

situations. This could be personal or professional. Ergo, the perception of whether a boss is

considered good or bad, should be based on factors considering the psychological state of the

boss and the outlook of the employees being supervised.

It is believed that every person has had a bad boss at one time or another during their career. To

explore the characteristics of a truly bad boss, one needs to consider the traits his/her boss

exhibits, how these qualities damage performance and...

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