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Bad Managers

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Bad managers are a dime a dozen. Everyone experiences a bad boss throughout his or her life. I have had my fair share as well, one of them that will stick with me for a long, long time.
I was hired just after my graduating with my bachelor’s degree in an asset management company in New Jersey. I started working with a manager who was from the same university but with 10 years of experience. I learned a lot from him and helped him create and develop his new department. The situation was great for me until my manager’s senior management forced him to hire a guy with an insurance background, an individual with no experience or skills in asset management to become part of our team.
My manager asked me to volunteer and devote some extra time to train the new employee and help him become quickly familiar and aware of things. This new employee was very friendly at first and it took me about 6 months of hard dedicated work, with one-on-one training sessions and many late nights to get him on a level where he could be on his own and contribute as a team member. At this time this same person started spending more time with senior management and tried his best to criticize my manager at any opportunity he got. He tried in every way to harm the reputation of my manager until senior management decided to transfer my manager to another department and give the unskilled new employee the task to manage my team. All my colleagues where speechless and tried to inquire on how this decision was made especially that it is very unprofessional to designate a new hire to manage seasoned professionals. But senior management advised us to help him succeed rather than slowing his mission. It wasn’t to long before the newly appointed manger took his distance from everyone and started micro-managing everyone as if we where in kindergarten. He was constantly changing every little...

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