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Assignment #3: iPremier
BADM 350 1. How well did the iPremier Company perform during the seventy-five-minute attack? If you were Bob Turley, what might you have done differently during the attack?
Normally, a company would follow emergency procedures while dealing with crises, but in iPremier’s case, there was no emergency procedure available. Under these circumstances, and with no prior experience with security breaches, I believe the company performed well. Bob Turley communicated well with the other members of the company, but if I were in his shoes, I would have been more conservative and acted faster.
In responding to the crisis, there were two main issues that iPremier faced – understanding the attack, and restoring order. First, regarding understanding the nature of the attack, I believe Leon performed poorly. He did not come up with any hypotheses for what had happened, nor did he fully explain the enemies that his company might have created through World of Warcraft. On the other hand, Joanne made the correct decision to go to Qdata in person to look at the traffic going in to iPremier’s site, and figure out the details of the attack from there. As for restoring order, both Tim and Stewart gave Bob their professional opinion, and explained to him their views on pulling the plug.
If I were in Bob Turley’s shoes, I would have decided to pull the plug as soon as I heard both sides of the plug-pulling argument. Tim said that pulling the plug would destroy the log and iPremier would not be able to figure out the extent of the attack. However, even if they had the log, it most likely wouldn’t be detailed enough either. Stewart mentioned that pulling the plug could prevent the hackers from getting sensitive information, and iPremier couldn’t afford a data leak. Being risk-adverse, I thought Stewart’s argument was better. 2. Were the company’s operating...

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