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Students will work in groups of two to three to prepare and present a comprehensive one hour presentation of a patient case, treatment program, and sample treatment session. The case will be assigned by the instructor. The following patient information will be provided: ** This profile must accompany the informative packet.**
1. medical diagnosis & history
2. social history
3. PT evaluation findings
4. long term PT goals & treatment plan 5. insurance coverage

It will be the group's responsibility to identify and present to the class the following (approx. 15 minutes):
1. summary of patient case, including relevant information about the disease/diagnosis, Physical Therapist plan of care & long term goals (the profile as noted above)
2. short term goals
3. specific treatment options & rationale
4. supportive documentation from the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice utilizing at least one preferred practice pattern.
5. expected progression of therapy program for a one month time span 6. insurance issues
7. comprehensive Home Exercise Program
8. SOAP Note for the treatment session
9. list of references
The student must use the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice as one reference for the research for this paper.

Some of the above information will be presented via the informative packet the students will provide to their fellow classmates and instructors. The case profile must accompany the informative packet.

The students will then present and perform a comprehensive 30 minute sample treatment session for this patient. (One student will act as the "therapist" and another student will act as the "patient.") All skills learned in PTA I-IV, Kinesiology and Test & Measurement Skills for the PTA courses are to be utilized as appropriate for the...

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