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Project Outline: Product line Management in High‐Tech Industries


It has been estimated that in the field of high-tech industry, characterized by continuous technological innovation as well as ever changing customer expectations, continuous technology innovation is imperative for sustainable competitive advantage. The high speed of new technologies discovered implies that non-inclusion of appropriate new age products can prove extremely damaging to both established as well as new companies. At the same time, adoption of platforms which are not completely adopted by the industry or investment in impractical technology can also result in unfavorable results. Thus it is imperative thatall High-Tech companies try to find the correct synergy between technological evolutions, their own resources and the demands in the market. An effective Product Line Management Strategy will help them achieve the same.

Key Product Line Activities

For us to effectively analyze Product Line Management, we need to first concentrate of the various high level tasks that go into creation of a product line. Such tasks can be broadly categorized as * Core asset Development of a Product Line * Development of products using the above developed core assets * Management of both the core asset as well as the products developed so as to meetthe organization’s overall goals

Although some may interpret Product Line Management as only the third step above, but we feel that only by studying all three activities in cohesion can be understand the process in entirety. We aim to understand the inputs, outputs and constraints applicable in each of the above steps.

Goals of Product Line Management

1) To develop complex global technologies in a co-operative competition environment 2) Better placed to changing market needs 3) Increasing the market...

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