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Bajaj Research

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MBA (International Business)

Course Title: Economic Analysis Programme Name: MBA (IB)/3C MBA
Course Code: MIB 106 Semester: I
Classroom contact hours: 40 hours Faculty: Prof. Ajit K Pandey Prof. Kshamta Chauhan
Credit Units: 04 Prof. Harendra K Pandey
Self Study hours: 80 hours

Course Objective

This course aims to integrate various principles and concepts from different fields of economics with typical problems of managerial decision-making and policy formulation in business organizations whether in a local or global context. Understanding the application of economic principles to key management decisions will provide guidance to increase value creation within organizations, and allows a better understanding of the external business environment in which organizations operate.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course the student will be able to

• − Use the theory of the firm to model business organizations • − Apply demand theory to establish the elasticity of demand • − Use demand estimation to forecast demand trends and change • − Apply production theory to manage production • − Use cost theory to establish short and long run behavior • − Describe market structures to establish market equilibrium • − Use pricing strategies to enable organizational coherence • − Use macroeconomic principles to address market failures

|MODULE |Session no. |Topic |Reference |Cases/ Assignment/ Group |
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