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LaTonia Moore
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May 8, 2012

There are times when I feel so smart and productive until I’m exhausted, dehydrated

overextended, overwhelmed, or otherwise ready to snap. There are still days when my

instinct is to push myself to the limits for reasons I may or may not fully understand in

the moment. Even though my body, mind, and spirit can take so much, I try to learn from

these days as I go. Since I haven’t yet discovered the secret formula for complete

balance, I’ve come up with a few simple ways to give my self a break when I’ve been

pushing myself too hard. Since I like to run, I go to the gym, or I participate in some type

of aerobics. By staying motivated, I can pace my self and not take on too much at one

time. I allow myself a little extra sleep when I’m off of work. In order for me to recharge

my self, I take long hot baths. It’s awfully hard to stress and over-think when you’re

engaged in something fun and expressive. Even if it takes just five minutes, I take time to

meditate throughout the day. I surround myself with positive and supportive people.

Everything that I have accomplished in my life makes me feel good because I know I

have worked hard to get where I am today, and I am very proud of my achievements. I

have learned many things about myself through feed back from my friends, peers, and co-

workers. I keep my emotions under control and I listen to what is being said. I am always

open for change and this is how I have grown over the years. When working for

someone, I get this sense of accomplishment when the person tells me I have achieved

the goal I had to work for. It’s a feeling much less self-centered and, though it may

depend on the boss; I would not be as proud of myself as if I’d been alone

doing the work.

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