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Bam411 Human Resources Management


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BAM411 Human Resources Management
Essay Examination

Question # 2: Describe the 5 step training and development In order for any company to be successful, their employees must perform. An employee cannot be expected to meet the established standard if that standard is not set and the employee is not taught how meet it. To establish quality training the employees should be made to feel that they are important to the team and that the training is important to them. The training should also easily transition from a classroom or training environment to “real world” use. If classroom concepts are outdated or far-fetched the instruction is useless and employees will lose interest. Training should include some “hands-on” exercises when possible. “Role play” scenarios work very well for some positions also. Employee motivation is extremely important. Most training programs are established using a five step method. The first step is the Needs and Analysis step. This step identifies whether training is needed, what type training, who needs to be trained and how the training will be performed. There are two primary means to determine the type training required. The first is Task Analysis. Task Analysis is the better way to establish the training for new employees. This allows new employees to be trained to the already set company standard. The second way is Performance Analysis. Performance Analysis evaluates how current employees are performing their duties and allows training to be based on strengthening the weaknesses. The second step of the five step method is Instructional Design. During the instructional design phase the tasks, conditions and standards are established. Determination is also made on how the training will be presented. The third step is Validation. The training is “tested” with a small class to correct any errors that may have

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