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Banana for Me

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Polytechnic University of the Philippines
College of Economics, Finance and Politics
Department of Banking and Finance
Sta. Mesa, Manila

“Your Paper is Terrific”



1. Name of the Company
PAPELRIFIC - “Your Paper is Terrific”
The name of the company emerged from the creative minds of the group members. Indeed, the company name, Papelrific, satisfies its product since we produce special papers, bookmarks and stationery made from an ecofriendly source which is the banana. We could proudly say that “your paper is terrific”.
Logo of the Business
The logo represents the opportunity of this paper business to enter and embrace the new chapter of its life. The letter “P” at the center symbolizes that we could be the center of this business and many could be inspired to us. The colors represent the colorful experience of the group by doing the project. It also represents the colorful love that he group wants to give to Mother Earth. 2. MISSION STATEMENT * We are committed to develop and provide an Earth friendly and state of the art paper stationery. * We are committed to have a good relationship with our customers and continually innovate to provide high quality of products. * We are committed to provide alternative papers for students and individuals who are concerned with the environment. 3. BACKGROUND AND HISTORY OF THE COMPANY
A typical office worker uses about 50 sheets of paper a day, which accumulates to 250 sheets or half a ream for every five-day work week. Each worker therefore consumes two reams of paper a month. For a whole year, this habitual paper consumption easily amounts to 24 reams, which according to some calculation would take one and a half trees to produce.
More troubling is the fact that most of these materials are thrown to the bin, with an average office...

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