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Banana (Musa Acuminato) Peelings and Mango (Magnifera Indica) Peelings as an Organic Fertilizer for Container Plants

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“Banana (Musa acuminato) peelings and Mango (Magnifera indica) peelings as an organic fertilizer for container plants”

INTRODUCTION: Fertilizer is a substance used to promote plant growth. Natural or synthetic chemical substance or mixture used to enrich soil so as to promote plant growth. Plants do not require complex chemical compounds analogous to the vitamins and amino acids required for human nutrition, because plants are able to synthesize whatever compounds they need. It is mostly used in household gardens and farms around the world. It is useful in stimulating the plant growth so, it is most widely used. There are two types of fertilizers, the organic fertilizer and the inorganic fertilizer. They were both created to give off the same purpose; which is to stimulate a plant’s growth, but, there is a difference in their effects otherwise to Mother Nature. They are both made up of different compositions. Organic fertilizers are made of purely organic materials or chemicals while inorganic fertilizers are made up of the mixture of chemicals made by man and some chemicals which naturally come about from nature. Container plants are commonly found in households, one of the most frequently found container plant in households is the Palmera. It is an appropriate plant in testing the fertilizer. The banana (Musa Acuminata) and the mango’s (Magnifera indica) peelings both have chemicals composition (when rotten) that is as almost the same as the organic fertilizers. Since, the banana and mango peeling are commonly found on our diet. It will be easy to acquire and it can also found commonly on our garbage bins.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: This study aims to determine if the mixture of Banana (Musa acuminata) and Mango (Magnifera indica) peelings can be an effective organic fertilizer for container plants.

HYPOTHESIS: There is no significant effect in using banana and mango peelings as an organic fertilizer for container plants.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY: INDIVIDUALS- Individuals will benefit from the study because they can make their own fertilizers that are leftovers/not used. FARMERS- They will benefit by means of lesser financial expenses for fertilizers ENTREPRENEURS- They will benefit by means of selling more products by buying lesser materials, which are also cheap.

SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS: In this study, the researcher will conduct this certain study in 49 Mango Park Talamban Proper, Cebu City 6000 in their house and will gather the data results from the said study.

DEFINITION OF TERMS: Banana an element useful in the study, it is one of the main ingredient. Mango an element as useful as the banana in the study; the main ingredient. Palmera the “test subject” of the study.


The Philippines has a tropical climate. At sea level, temperatures rarely fall below
27°C (80°F). Interior valleys and leeward sides of islands tend to be warmer, while mountain slopes and peaks and windward sides of islands tend to be cooler. Rainfall averages about
2,030 mm (80 in) a year, with more precipitation in coastal plains than in sheltered inland valleys. Due to this climate, the growth of banana and mango trees are appropriate of the said climate
(Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009 ©) As evidence of this is the production of banana production in the Philippines of 40 tons per hectare and the mango production of 11,330 tons per hectare.
Aside from the mangoes and bananas exported, some are used to make products but the peelings are just thrown away so I thought to make use of it to make organic fertilizer.

This study will use Completely Randomized research design.


|R1 |R2 |
|R1 | |
|R2 | |
|R3 | |
|R1 | |
|R2 | |
|R3 | |
|R1 | |
|R2 | |
|R3 | |

Microsoft Encarta Premium 2009 ©




50% Mango Peelings
50% Banana Peelings

25% Banana Peelings
75% Mango Peelings

40% Banana Peelings
60% Mango Peelings

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