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Banana Pudding Process Speech I. Think about your favorite desert. The fresh aroma that fills the air when it is out of the oven. That one dessert that makes you lick your lips when thinking about it. II. That desert for me would be my Aunts banana pudding. III. She taught me how to make this banana pudding when I was just thirteen years old ever since then this has been my favorite desert. Whether it’s a holiday a weekend or even a week day banana pudding is delicious any day. IV. There is a process you will need to follow if you have these ingredients, follow these steps, and bake and serve like I will tell you about you will be able to enjoy a simple, inexpensive, and delicious desert.
The ingredients you will need to make a banana pudding are as follows.
2. One box of vanilla wafers.
3. On a regular pan of banana pudding you will use three to four bananas.
4. One can of sweetened condensed milk
5. At least three eggs you will only use the egg whites.
6. A tea spoon of vanilla flavor
7. And just a pinch of sugar.

II. Next, the steps to make this banana pudding are as follows. 1. Get your clean pan, bananas, and cookies together on the table. 2. Put a layer of cookies upside down in the pan, peel and slice the bananas to your thickness. 3. Put down a layer of bananas in between each cookie or where you see a gap. Continue these steps until you are at your final layer. 4. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and turn the stove on low heat and get a small pot pour your sweetened condensed milk into the pot and begin to stir until it begins to thin out, that is when you will add a pinch of sugar but still stir the milk. 5. Crack open your egg and separate the white from the yolk. The whites will be the topping for your banana pudding, when you have all three eggs separated you will blend it together until it turns into a fluffy white you will add your tea spoon of vanilla flavor. 6. About five minute have passed by now so at this time you will want to go check your condensed milk making sure it doesn’t stick to the pot, turn the pot off. 7. Add your final layer of vanilla wafers placed on top of the bananas. 8. Grab your pot of condensed milk and pour it all over your cookies, bananas, and through any gap you see until the bottom of your pan is filled. 9. Grab your topping of egg whites and cover the top of your banana pudding. 10. Place your pan of banana pudding in the oven.
III. Finally, the baking and serving step. 1. Your pudding needs to stay in the oven no more than 5-7 minutes, or just until you see your topping turn a light brown. 2. Take your banana pudding out the oven and let it sit and cool down till your satisfaction. 3. Lastly grab a spoon or fork and dig in

I. In summary, making this desert is an easy process all you need is these ingredients, follow these steps, and bake and serve you will end up with a delicious desert called banana pudding.
II. My aunt taught me this recipe and I fell in love with it ever since. I call this the old fashion way. Banana pudding is not only a delicious desert it can be fun to make, and it’s a very simple recipe. Bibliography

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