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Banana Republic Imc Plan

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Banana Republic IMC
Shayla Mallett
June 20, 2015
Jonathan Brill

Executive Summary Banana Republic has a brand problem. It is falling by the wayside. Banana Republic needs to be renewed and evolve to the ever changing consumer environment. With this IMC plan Banana Republic will rise to the top again and become a top competing brand in the retail clothing industry. Through some research we have established an IMC that will bring about ultimate success for Banana Republic. We will start by the creation of a new branch of Banana Republic with a new target market that seems to have a lot of control and power these days on what is trendy and what isn’t. This market is what I would consider the young professional group, consisting of both males and females that are in the stage of their life where they have either graduated high school, in college, or graduated college and are starting their own lives. The IMC plan suggests the creation of the new brand Banana Republic Young or better know as BRY. Like mentioned it will cater to the young professional group and we will reach them through multiple ways. We will reach out to them through magazine, TV, radio, internet, and through our public relations to rebuild a better brand of Banana republic and to make what was once a very successful company successful again.

Introduction Banana Republic was founded in 1978 by Mel and Patricia Ziegler in San Francisco California and is a subsidiary of The Gap (Banana Republic Inc. History). It originated as a safari and travel clothing company and reflects an American sensibility with a positive and optimistic viewpoint, and has long been to khaki what Levi’s was to denim (Banana Republic Inc. History). The timeless style captures a modern interpretation of classic fashion and its relaxed attitude expresses a comfortable and confident quality (Banana Republic…...

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