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bruisin g banana wars Why ch threat eap bananas
Policy en farmers’ report future s A Fairtrade Foundation Report
February 2014

When I sell a box of bananas it’s a product with quality, with incredible taste, so it should be fair that you pay a fair price for it.
Horatio Hernandez
Coobafrio Co-operative,
Magdalena, Colombia
January 2014


1 Introduction




Executive Summary

Britain’s Bruising Banana Wars


4 The banana value chain
4.1 The UK banana market
The retail price of bananas in Britain
4.3 UK banana imports 2002 – 2013
Changes in banana supply chain operations 4.5 
The impact of supermarket price wars on producers
Producer prices vs costs of sustainable production


The market environment for bananas
Evolution of the global banana trade
Consolidation of retailer power and UK price wars
The impact of competition law on banana prices


6 Fairtrade’s alternative approach
General background to the Fairtrade system
Fairtrade bananas – scope and scale
6.3  airtrade: the benefits and
constraints for farmers and workers


3 About this report
3.1 Fairtrade’s involvement in bananas
3.2 Research objectives and approach
3.3 Methodological note

Achieving a sustainable banana industry
7.1  inclusive market
for smallholders
Thriving banana farming communities 7.3 Decent work
7.4 Living wages
7.5 Workers’ rights to unionise
7.6 Taking full account of externalities
7.7 A new approach to pricing


Conclusions and recommendations 66

9 Appendices
9.1 Appendix 1 Methodological note
Appendix 2 Description of banana production and...

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