Bandura: Social Cognitive Theory

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Bandura & Social Cognitive Theory
Randy Wayne Rising
Liberty University
Psychology of Personality
Timothy Williams
May 07, 2013

Years of research has been conducted by Albert Bandura on the Social Cognitive Theory. The practical use of Social Cognitive Theory has an interesting approach to changing or maintaining behaviors. Bandura has researched Social Cognitive Theory and the individual differences that show the flexibility that people have dealing with behavior. The Social Cognitive Theory of Mass Communication discusses the role that mass media plays in society in regard to influences on behavior within society. The Social Cognitive Theory of Human Agency, by Bandura, which describes the power that people posses to influence their own actions to get the deserved results the individual, desires. Social Cognitive Theory on Gender Development addresses the development of people’s lives according to the gender and the roles that are stereotypical by society in regards to personality and behavior. Health Promotion from the Perspective of Social Cognitive Theory deals with health promotion and disease prevention from social cognitive theory. The approach of changing health practices of social systems rather than the habits of individuals. Social Cognitive Theory in Cultural Context explains that people adapt to diverse conditions all over the world. Parents from impoverished environments through sacrifices want their children to have a better life. Lastly, Going Global with Social Cognitive Theory: From Prospect to Pay dirt by Albert Bandura describes that goals, aspirations and challenges are a set of guides to motivate individuals globally.

Bandura & Social Cognitive Theory
Dr. Albert Bandura was born on December 4, 1925, in Mundare Canada, north of Alberta. He was the youngest child and the only boy among six children.…...