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4.0 Performance Appraisal process of the Employees of Social Investment Bank Ltd.
The steps of appraisal in Social Investment Bank Limited:
4.1 Action plans of performance Appraisal: At first the HR department makes an action plan. On the basis of this plan, they perform their activities. Methods are made on the basis of some indicators and these important tasks are done by a committee in which top level management plays an important role. Now let us see the action plan of SIBL.
ANNUAL APPRAISAL ‘08 ACTION PLAN of SIBL: Steps | Action | Responsibilities | 01 | Meeting with a view to reviewBusiness status and fix-up | Senior Management | 02 | Discussion Meeting with Section in charges for better understanding about new form and distribution of the same | SVP, EVP | 03 | Appraisal Completion by In-charges | In-charges | 04 | Appraisal Completion by the Department Heads | Department Heads | 05 | Appraisal Completion by the Appraisal Committee | SVP,EVP.AMD | 06 | Approval by the MD/ DMD | MD,DMD | 07 | Handed Over to Accounts Department for necessary implementation. | HRD | 4.2 Performance appraisal categories of SIBL:
Performances are appraised by SIBL in different categories. There may not be over all appraisal formats. Job descriptions and specifications are not same for everybody. The tasks of a cargo driver as well as the tasks of a manager are different. So their performance management systems will be different. In SIBL, performances are measured for the following categories: 1. Performance review for corporate level, 2. Performance review for salaried workers, 3. Performance review for rating management skills.
About these three categories are discussed in details below: 4.2.1 Performance review for corporate level:
Definition of Ratings:
Exceptional (5): Consistently meets and often exceeds all relevant performance...

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