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Bank Communications Plan

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1. Introduction/ starting points
2. Definition of the problem / open questions
3. Intention and communication goals
4. Target groups
5. Strategy of communication
6. Communication plan (description of communication activities)
7. Cost approximation


Alpha bank is a Greek bank, which is present in many countries, not only in Greece and Macedonia. It is a successful international financial institution, which is present in Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Albania, United States and in Macedonia.

In spite of its international presence and tradition, the bank (through its’ acquired predecessor) has been present on the Macedonian market since 1993, it has problems with its perception and recognition, which eventually leads to a smaller market share / number of clients.

Since Greece and Macedonia have unresolved dispute about the name of the state Macedonia, the bank has decided to communicate mostly tradition and trust (»Credibility, reliability and efficiency in banking services. Loyalty, commitment and vision”.) and not the origin of the financial group.

In the past and current year most of the investment effort has been placed in completing the branch network, which has not yet been properly communicated. Subsequently the problem of (un)experience of the branch employees arises.
Only recently the corporate communications department – The PR Department has been set-up, which means corporate communication has not been planned, up until the present, in accordance with the Banks’ needs and goals and also with the demands of the market.


Few problems have been drawn up in the introduction of the document, but we would like to analyze them further:
• Perception and recognition of the bank,
• Lack of carefully planned communication...

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