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A Study Of Community Banks:
Cultures, Communication, Leadership


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Team Whidbey Laurence Wyner Clark OLCU - 613 Blakely Howell Gibbs

A Study of Community Banks:

Organizational Dynamics XXXXX


This work is a collaborative effort by the entire Team Whidby. Our OCLU – 613 class requisites asked us to explore environments where we work or live, and assess the results of decisions made by management of several Community Banks. I have witnessed several banks grow and go through a number of changes, in policy, employees and culture. I have witnessed banks with similar number of employees, start-up capital and management expertise perform very differently. This paper will search and comment on why performance of similar institutions can be result of management decisions. Lastly, we will attempt to identify those trends and comment to alternate decision making that could have had different results.
A quick preview over the last 10 years indicates our nation has witnessed a tremendous increase in failed banks. As with the Great Depression of 1930, the 2008 demise caught even seasoned professionals by surprise! They seemed like smart, financial leaders who were well educated and fully integrated into the heartbeat of the banking system… boy were they wrong… Banks as old as 100 years, fell within months! Although the pace has slowed, they still are failing at levels that can decimate local economies. In 2005 and 2006 there were no bank failures in USA! Was it power bases that gave a false sense of security? Was it poor management? Was it more?


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