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What is a Horoscope?
The Horoscope which is also known as “the Rising”, determines the way you look to others as a first impression, and the way others see you. It also determines the way or authority that you prefer to show to others.
The “Horoscope” is not what you are the wellbeing, but the reality the way you act and perform.
The “Horoscope” reflects your image, manner and the way you act. If the horoscope is the same as your Astronomical Horoscope, the image which people see is totally different than the reality which exists in you. The horoscope determines the external characteristics for generations more than determining the particular characteristics for each Astronomical Horoscope separately.
There are some people whose Astronomical horoscope match with their horoscope, this depends on the time of birth, on the other side other people’s Horoscope and Astronomical Horoscope differs. This is one of the reasons which explain the difference in mood of the people of the same astronomical Horoscope.
The “Horoscope” determines the external appearance for the person. Some considered it as the mask which we wear when we meet someone of them. The latter shows our natural defend and the way we solve the life’s daily situations. Moreover the power and abilities of the astronomical Horoscope are clearer with respect to others.
The Horoscope shows clearly the First natural reaction of the person toward others and the different situation and conditions.
You can determine your Horoscope starting with determining your Astronomical Horoscope using the schedule.
First, determine your horoscope at the top of the page (on the horizontal line), then determine the time (in hours) of your birth to get your “Horoscope”
For example if you are a LEO and you birth hour was between 6 and 8 PM your sign would be the Pisces.

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