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E-banking characteristics. E-banking situation in Republic of Macedonia

Course: Research in Information Systems

June 2012 Skopje


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Research Project Proposal

[Research in Information Systems]

[Lundrim Ologu]

SeeU, Spring 2012

Title: E-banking characteristics. E-banking situation in Republic of Macedonia

E-banking characteristics. E-banking situation in Republic of Macedonia
The payment system represents a sum of instruments, procedures and infrastructure for money transfer. It is of great importance for all economic agents since it enables fast and efficient payments in the national economy as well as internationally. Electronic payment system functionality is measured through analysis of the transactions committed, structure of the electronic instruments available within a country, and payment instruments used during payment of purchased or ordered products or services. The use of Electronic Payment Instruments in Macedonia is growing steadily, which shows that the EPS system in this country is continually growing and is in some extend well organized, people are friendly to ICT and conduct electronic transactions easily. E-banking activities in Macedonia started, but remain in low levels; which is a fact for e-commerce activities in general. Also, banks services that are offered for e-banking are at low levels.
E-banking is a service that makes possible to use the banking services through the Internet, and mainly thtough Web...

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