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###Descriptive Practice Set for Bank PO exam###
Below are the topics given from previous bank PO, Clerical exams. An essay is given to write on these topics or a report is to be write upto 150 to 200 words
1. The Lehmann Crash
2. The market downslide
3. Leadership is doing the right things; Management is doing things right
4. Corporate Social Responsibility benefits the bottom line
5. Has globalization really worked?
6. Integrity at work
7. Buying options: A matter of trust
8. People: The most important asset of any enterprise
9. The second great crash
10. Management styles: Why things go wrong?
11. Do we need to dress for success?
12. What do Chief Executive Officers do?
13. The element of Risk in management.
14. Outsourcing to reduce risk
15. Management is what managers do
16. Terrorism benefits whom
17. Nation’s growth must be inclusive
18. Chandrayaan – One giant leap for Indian Astrophysicists
19. The secret to winning more gold in the Olympics
20. The ban on smoking- Gimmick or success

21. Why does a nation need forex reserves?
22. What makes you a suitable candidate for an MBA?
23. Is India really shining?
24. What is revenue deficit?
25. What is the job of the Manager?
26. Is democracy working for India?
27. Performance appraisal- A Useful tool for growth
28. Corruption an outcome of Democracy
29. Agricultural subsidies: A Boon or a Bane
30. Do we need a dictator?
31. Does the media need censorship?
32. Reforms in education – a necessity
33. Management objective- Maximise profits
34. Classroom learning vs experiential learning
35. Is democracy hampering our growth?
36. Is peace and non-violence for the 20th century only?
37. Is India safe for its citizens?
38. One can make a difference
39. What does 15th August mean to me?
40. Is Gandhi relevant today?
41. I believe, success in life comes from……………..
42. Dependence on computers a blessing or bane

43. Can I succeed without an MBA?
44. Voters and not politicians responsible for criminalization of politics
45. Business ethics – A necessity or luxury
46. Cricket a national obsession- detrimental to other sport
47. Will a presidential form of government help India better?
48. Is Obama good for India?
49. Can politics be delinked from Indian sport?
50. Who must take care of the environment?

Hi, all This is the Descriptive Paper of Uco Bank Clerk Exam Held 14.11.2010. I hope all of you will get benefitted by this. Analyzing the paper the more emphasis was given to currents events & social economical aspects. so, its better to be proactive and prepare accordingly for other exams.
I don’t know why clerks need to answer these questions, it’s more of PO level. Anyways this was not Corporation Clerk Bank Exam. Here we Go, UCoooooo….!

1.Give Three measures to improve the life of people affected from Terrorism. or Give Three measures to improve the life of people living in Industrial Slums.( I don’t know exactly but the language of the question was quite similar I attempted the Terrorism related
2. Give three measures to provide potable water in rural areas. Also analyze the effects of the efforts taken so far or Describe the effects of the Public Distribution System (PDS). Also mention how it can be improved. 3. Give Three Views For & Against
” Salary of M.P’s Should be increased or not? ( Intresting one only one answer absolutely not
Ha Ha Ha …! Though it’s been increased now) or ” Do not rot the grains, feed the poor” statement stated by Supreme court.
4. Financial literacy should be made available to Vulnerable Sectins of society to make them aware of Financial services along with their Instinct Benefits. Discuss the statement. or Unique Identification (UDI) is actually a mobile utility. Give views.
5. Analyze the effect of T.v (Viewing) on the mind of the Young Generation

Some topics which could be helpful in upcoming bank exams

Caste System in India
Inclusion of caste in data collection of census 2011 seems benign & insignificant issue. A close look at this will forces us to go back to the historical debates on caste based political reservation and its impact on social inclusion. Nowhere in world there is slavery, followed by feudalism, taken such a rigid form of mutually exclusice social estates, namely castes in India. The reason for this lies in multiplicity of disabilities heaped upon socially marginalised section of society called

DALITS or socially excluded people. The caste system in India is mainly through ideology of ritual degradation. Constitution Framers were aware of the reality, so they prescribed policy ofreservation as a means to mitigate social, economic, cultural disempowerment of these excluded people. No doubt reservation has helped to ameliorate social and economic situations of millions of people who has slave like scondition at the time of independence.
However in democratic system it has become a tool for political parties.
All over the world identity politics, in name of race, minorities, immigrants has tended to bypass the core issue of exploitation, poverty & marginlity, thus destorting the democratic functioning of political institutions.
What to learn from CWG 2010
If India can organise a Republic Day parade every year with great efficiency, and could recently host successfully World Military Games, why did it mess up the organisation of the
What is common to successful mass events is an empowered structure with clear demarcation of responsibility and accountability. The CWG failed due to an absence of a centralised command structure. Responsibilities were not demarcated, there were too many “Indians” and no chiefs, and, what is more, everyone had an excuse not to own up responsibility. Even a small analysis of this structure would point to the fact that the coordination of such a complex body cannot be vested with a committee which has no authority over the key delivery partners. In the Indian context, hierarchy and individual egos play a vital role in the smooth functioning of the organisation. At times, collective organisational goals are sacrificed to fulfill individual aspirations. Presumably, these considerations caused undue delays of about two years before the OC came into existence on February 10, 2005 — a faulty and toothless structure from day one. Although representatives of all the delivery partners were constituted on the committee, raising alarms at the CWG meetings, when deadline after deadline failed to be met by their parent organisation, is not a practical proposition.
What is needed in the globalised, highly competitive and demanding environment is to professionalise our decision-making structures to include experts in negotiations, project management and other niche areas.
Integration of the ministry with the armed forces by placing uniformed professionals at appropriate desks of the ministry is a successful model practised by other democracies.
The CWG 2010 has brought disrepute to the country due to delays in implementation despite seven years to prepare. We can live with it, for soon it will be forgotten.

This is Descriptive paper asked in BOI clerical exam afternoon shift.
Special Thanks to ADDY who is a member of our blog and has submitted these questions
Q1) Three measures as to how the status of women workers in houses can be improved in financial terms and social status level. how these measures can be effective. or three measures so that the children of working women staying alone can be protected.
Q2) Do you think one time financial assistance is sufficient for those who have lost their members in the terror attacks? or
Should providing rent free accomodation to the people coming from rural areas for employment to urban areas is the only way to keep the cities neat & clean.

Q3) Should 70% & above should be the compulsory for pursuing degree courses?.Two arguements in
against. or should only those candidates should be given jobs in banks those willing to work in rural areas? Q4) Suppose India becomes largest exporter of wheat in the world. Give views or Suppose India becomes the only gold producing country in the world. Give views.
Q5) Can private hospitals play a significant role in providing medical facilities to rural people? or
How milk cooperatives societies can help in increasing the milk production?

The following questions were asked in the Indian Bank PO Exam held on Jan 2nd, 2010.
I have tried to frame these questions based on my memory from the question paper that was given to us in the exam hall. Please feel free to edit if necessary. But most important of all it would be very helpful if you post your answers to thesequestions on this website as it would be very useful to all the aspirants for PO post in banks. Thank you very much.
How can NBFC’s be utilized to make banking services available to the blue collared people/layman. Joint families are slowly waning away from semi-urban and rural areas. Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of joint family and nuclear family.
Vehicular population is increasing. Discuss steps to ease traffic jam and congestion in cities. Banks allow opening of no frill accounts. Discuss its merits and demerits.
Discuss the merits and demerits of Contract farming. Is it harmful or friendly to small farmers. ## BANK PO DESCRIPTIVE QUESTIONS ##

Q1) “The Govt sould have lesser & lesser role in the activities related health”. Give arguments in favour and against of this statement.
Ans1) Liberalisation has opened new opportunities for private investment in the country. The
Govt.`s role in this situation is debatable.
Favour :
> Population growing Day by Day, not possible for govt to provide health care & other facilities for growing population.
> To cater needs of vast chunk of humanity, Govt should allow entry of private parties in this sectos. > Pollution related problems are touching all time high graph, more investment and hospitals are needed for this.
> Such huge investment could be provided through private sector hence Govt should have lesser role in this sector
Against :
Govt should take care of social sector, withoutn social developmentoverall development of a country cannot be achieved.
> Despite govt.`s inefficiency in this sector, its coverage on national scale is quite extensive.
> Most of the population is below poverty line, and they need free or cheap medical services, which is possible only by Govt health schemes.
> So govt should play active role in this sector
Q2) Learning a foreign language is in vogue these days. Give reasons why people learn foreign languages?
> With opening up of economy, many foreign companies are coming to the Indian Market.
These companies want that the employee should know foreing languages so that if he/she is shifted to any foreing country so he could handle his job there .
> Huge talented work force in India, but rate of unemployment is very high, so to gain extra quality in himself or to stand different from others the person learn some foreign languages.
> Many people have to go abroad to study or for job so they should learn to speak kanguage of that country.
> Besides economic considerations some have ardent desire to learn language and culture of of other countries.
Q3) Imagine there are no TVs Explain three consequences of such a situation?

Q1) Many educationists think that private coaching centres should be banned. Give two arguments against the statement?
Ans) Teaching is a noble profession.
Has got Professional touch nowadays.
Coaching Institutes have become Money Making centers.
Some Coaching Institutes helping Govt in noble cause of eradicating illitracy.
Main aim behind running institutes is maximising profit, not to educate students.
Output is minimal in comparision of high fees charged by them.
Many coaching institutes lack proper ambience infrastucture and teacher
Quality of education at Govt and private schools is not up to the mark.
Unable to cater the needs of students in the age of fierce competition.
Therefore, operating private coaching centres is not a malpractice.
If anybody wants to make profit out of any human-resource development activity, it is not a bad activity.
If quality of education enhances money taken as fee doesnt matter.
The number of and colleges are not enough to meet demands of grouping population.
Q2) “Suppose there are no banking system”, State three possible consequences if such a situation arise.
Ans) In primitive system, barter system existed. Economy was localised.
With evolution of civilization trade and commerce became complex.
People felt barter system should be replaced by Monetary system.
After this Banking system grew.
Today banking system is backbone of any economy.
1) Big business firms will have to stop all sort of transactions. Everything is assessed in terms of money, and bank play intermediate role. Without any intermediatary economy will collapse. 2) Widespread unemployment and anarchy in society.
3) People deposit savings in banks, and free from burden of theft & burglary. So with no banks all wealth will

## Bank PO Descriptive Paper ##

TIP : In most Bank PO and clerical exams word limit is not more than 100 words, so stick to the limit otherwisw marks will be deducted

Q1) What are capital gains? What are the Pros & Cons of taxing capital gains?
Ans) Capital gains accure when value of capital assets increases and are realised when asset is sold in the market.

1) Capital gains are unearned increments occuring due to working of market forces and so the gains really belong to the society and not to owner.
2) Complete abolition of capital gain tax will result in manipulation of many non capital to capital transactions.
3) Capital gain tax tampers capital mobility.

1) Such a tax penalises savers and discourages capital information.
2) Problems like differentiating capital and non capital transactions also arises on the imposition of a capital gain tax.
3) Bunching and timing problems : Should the taxes be assessed and collected on the basis of accrual or realised basis.

Q2) “Man is maker of his own Destiny”. Explain this statement with suitable examples.
Ans) Among all the living beings, man is the only living being who is free to choose. This freedom of choice entails that man will choose responsibility.
The statement above does not come from any existential philosopher, but the tenor of the statement is akin to existentialism, which make nam responsible for anything he does.
The sacred book GITA alsoholds man responsible for all his actions and karmawhich ultimately determines his fate or destiny.
It is quite natural to assert therefore, that if a man is free to choose his actions he must be maker of his own destiny. Law of karma assert the truth that “one reaps what one sows”. For your actions are like the seeds which give the fruits- good or bad, bitter or sweet, tasty or sour. But for the critics it is not the same, to them man is too insignificant, too powerless, and too small before the infinite universe with its infinite forces. He as good as a floating object in the ocean whose waves toss him hither and thither.
There are examples of great men like Napoleon and Alexander who rose to great heights from number beginning.
In human history there are any nu8mber of examplesof discoverers and scientists who toiled day and night to bring something new to the world, this was result of their hard work. therefore no doubt “Man is maker of his destiny”.

All students are requested to add some points in these questions which they think are missing from our answers, we will be grateful to them.

Q1) The problem of “Generation Gap” has given the birth of social tension. Suggest some measures to bridge this GAP and also suggest that how the ways shown by you would be effective. Ans.
> Change – Law of nature
> Adapt as per pace of change
> Who dont adapt facew tremendous problems
> Old people do not easily accept new trends and values of youngsters.
Some measures are as follows
1) > Balance of sentiments between society and individual.
> Individual should follow norms of society
> Old not too much Asserrtive & young not too much bohemain
> This way many cracks of castle of society could be cemented
2) > Old should not blame youngsters for evils in society
> Should not condemn them as selfish & rotten lot
> Should assign due importance “The tempora & Mores”(Custom & time)
> Young should share wise experience of seniors
3) > Family is main linking unit between individuals, joint family establishes atmosphere of harmony and reconciliation & there a good place to nurture opinion of views between young
& old.So Joint famiuly is an effective tool for shortening generation gap.
Q2) In Post liberalization era Multinational Corporation (MNC`s) are entering into business ventures in India. Give 2 harmful effects of the operation of MNCs on Indian
Ans. The operation of MNCs open up possibilities of interference in industrial activity of recipient country and thus resented by nationalist thinkers.
Their arguments can be summed up as follows:
1) DISTORTION OF ECONOMIC STUCTURE : inflict heavy damage on host country, such as suppression of domestic entrepreneurship, extension of oligopolistic practices (heavy advertising, heavy profit making) supplying economy with unsuitable technology and unsuitable products distorting the productiuon stucture to meet requirements of high income elites

MNCs have immence power and money to make decision making process in non developed countries Though they transfer technology, but models and patterns are not in harmony with the intrest of host countries
In case of technology transfer, behavious pattern of MNCs reveals that they do not engage in
Research & development activities of underdeveloped countries
R & D activities continue to be centralised in parent country while host countries have to bear bulk of their costs.

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Banking in Uk

...can analyze a customer’s deposit account, see that his salary deposit has increased, and send a note congratulating the customer on his or her promotion together with an offer of a premium card and a higher credit limit. What business are banks in if they are not in the banking business? Put simply, retail banks are in the business of helping people, communities and enterprises achieve their financial goals. The public’s trust in banks as British institutions has plummeted over the last generation, with public opinion polls charting a sharp drop in respect for the banking industry since 2008’s financial crisis. This disengagement and erosion of trust has been exacerbated
by a diminishing need for customers to visit branches and engage with bank staff directly as the use of online banking has increased. A PWC survey looking at banking in 2020 indicates a growing awareness, but a significant gap in preparedness. Sixty-one percent of bank executives say that a customer-centric business model is ‘very important’, and 75% of banks are making investments in this area (this pattern is consistent globally). Yet only 17% feel ‘very prepared’. What business are banks in if they are not in the banking business? Put simply, retail banks are in the business of helping people, communities and enterprises achieve their financial goals. In that sense, we could consider PayPal as a form of retail bank; its famous digital wallet now counts 110 million active users among......

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...inclusion would improve it could reduce the cost of cash to Indian economy to one-third to the current level of 5%-7% of GDP. They could also make payments of economic goods such as oil, fertilizers ect and accessible to everyone even in rural areas. RBI has established regional rural banks and electronic payments facilities for everyone, to make it more easy and to reduce chances of miss-use government has issued a biometric identification number to every citizen. RDI has adopted a technology-based agent bank model through BC and BF to improve outrich. BF could make it easy to identification of borrower and recovery. RBI has prohibited cash out of mobile wallets. Regulation on Financial Inclusion Nov-05 Banks mandated to offer basic banking 'no-frills' account with 'nil' or very low minimum balance. Jan-06 Banks permitted to use not-for-profit BCs and BFs. Customer charging not permitted. Nov-09 Banks allowed to collect reasonable service charges from customers and pay BCs. Nov-09 Banks asked for a roadmap by March 2010 for making a plan outlining by when they would complete financial inclusion in their designated areas. Jan-10 Banks advised to develop a three-year Financial Inclusion Plan by March 2010. Apr-10 BC guidelines relaxed to allow ‘for profit’ companies to act a Jul-11 Banks to allocate at least 25% of new branches during a year to unbanked rural centers. Mar-12 A retail outlet would have the branding of the bank that had...

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