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Art is a great way for individuals to express themselves, many artworks can be deemed as controversial especially when artists produce their art in order to express their views, feelings or specific ideas linked to their political, social or economical surroundings. Such art could have significant effects which may influence the people who appreciate its core meaning and could link it to the status quo in any named community. Certain techniques, styles and structures are implemented by many famous artists in order to construct this art into a form that typifies them as artists and gives them their unique signature. (heghine666 2011)
One specific artist has been largely famous for his controversial and unique forms of art, he is known by the alias “Banksy” who uses graffiti street art as a structure for his unique form of art. Banksy is arguably the most well-known street artist in the world. Some pieces of his urban graffiti art, with its distinctive stencil style, have been sold at auctions for remarkable amounts of money, but most importantly, he has inspired many people around the world for having pieces which touches upon sensitive and core social, political and economic situations in life that many people can easily relate to. His name, style, and brand of urban anti-war, anti-establishment, and rebellious art have earned him a place in the hearts of many who appreciates it. The two primary reasons that Banksy's street art stands out from the multitude of other graffiti we see every day is that, first and foremost, Banksy is a genuine artist and more importantly his art actually says something to us. (

Banksy’s controversial art portrays symbols that often cannot be expressed in words, and exposes a message that can inspire an individual or an…...

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...others to look at, but all art should have a goal for the audience to reach. Like Sherman said, the audience may never full understand the work or reach that goal, but if it still is able to evoke a response, I would consider that work to be successful. Art is a powerful way of communicating that doesn’t need words or any language to experience. For example, an artist who goes by the name Banksy is notorious for creating controversial political art. In one of his famous acts, he opened up a pet shop in which there were no pets being sold, but only satirical scenes hinting at our culture (Marc). Chicken nuggets drinking barbeque sauce, hot dogs relaxing on the grill, or a white rabbit beautifying itself in the mirror, Banksy poked fun at our culture, but never released any statements on what the specific message was behind this work. Instead, he left this pet shop (which was not advertised and very easy to walk by without noticing) to the public to experience and form their own thoughts. As time progresses, I think it is necessary for artists to adopt the mindsets of artists like Sherman and Banksy. Gone are the days where people are not allowed to see the beginnings, practices, and finalizing of art shows and musical performances. Audiences play a bigger role than ever before in the making of art now and are no longer unable to have any interactions with artists and their works (Best). Some people may argue that making art available to everyone would result in no demand or......

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