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Banner Health Care

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Banner Healthcare Network
Tequila Richie
Grand Canyon University: NRS-451V
February 23, 2014

Banner Healthcare Network
Banner Healthcare Network (BHN) is one of the leading, nonprofit organizations in the United States that was established in 1999 (Banner Healthcare, 2013) and recognized as one of the top fifth teen health systems in the United States in 2013 for quality outcomes, patient care and efficiency by Truven Health Analytics (Banner Healthcare, 2013). This organization is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and also operates in six additional Western states such as Alaska, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada and Wyoming. Banner Healthcare consists of twenty-four hospitals that employees 37,000 people nationally and 29,000 in Arizona alone (Banner Healthcare, 2014). Banner Healthcare stands firm and believes in their mission to make a difference in the communities’ lives by providing and focusing on the highest quality care and service. This organization provides high quality care through medical care and emergency services in addition to renowned cutting-edge research. A variety of specialty services such as organ transplant, high-order multiple births, pediatric care, cancer care, behavior health, and rehabilitation are also offered (Banner, 2013). Banner Healthcare Network has a strong allegiance to the community to provide affordable, high quality care. Banner Health is committed to making the right choices in healthcare because it will affect the future. BHN utilizes a multitude of teams that focus on the evidence-based practice as well as practice-based evidence to define, design, and implement clinical practices, polices, and standing orders that improve patient care (Banner, 2013). They have made a strong commitment and dedication to the health and well-being of their community, their patients and their staff. Accountable Care...

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