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Baptism of Jesus

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The Baptism of Jesus
Read Matthew 3:13–17. Complete the following questions based on that reading. Cite the Passages. 1. Why was Jesus baptized? Why did he see this as something important to do? Answer: Jesus was baptized in order to go back to God, and to fulfilled with promises of Messiah, and we can infer that we should be baptized too, in order to follow the step of son of god Jesus, Jesus saw this as something important to do because in this way he became a perfect offering to save us from our sin. 2. Who was present at his Baptism? Answer: John the Baptist and many on lookers were present at Jesus' baptism. 3. What occurred when he was baptized? Answer: the havens were opened for him, and he saw the spirit of God descending like a dove and coming upon him. (Matthew 3:16) 4. What did Jesus’ Baptism signify for him and others at that time? Answer: that whoever been baptized will see the Holy Spirit, and can see the haven through his eyes, so that they can follow the God's will. 5. What does Jesus’ Baptism signify for us today? Answer: The baptism of Jesus was an example for Christians to follow. Meanwhile, it represents the idea about who Jesus was. Also it signified that the God is coming into our lives, it means that God is still promising the salvation. Also it means we cleanses our body as well as the soul, Jesus' Baptism signifies for us an entrance into new life. 6. What similarities and differences do you see between your Baptism and that of Jesus? Answer: The similarity between mine Baptism and Jesus' is that we are both Baptized to change our new life, to be closer to the Holy Spirit from God. But the difference between mine Jesus' is that he doesn’t have original sin, he doesn’t need to Baptize the sin from his body, but we have to, he is acting as a savior or messiah to people, that’s his mission, but ours are different because we all have...

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