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Barbara Norris Case

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Barbara Norris Case Analysis
­ Barbara month into a management position of a unit that is ‘Troubled’ she has had no experience in managing a large units which included managing, scheduling and budgeting. The unit is short staffed, stressed and there is a high turnover with a poor culture. Indicated by the 29 one­to­one that were requested page 2 & top of 3. Worst performing unit John Frappewell (Nursing Director) needs her to ‘turn this unit around and do it fast’ could be used as a vote of confidence and a leverage point? Management have enacted a hiring freeze and stopped all overtime across the EMU Barbara has the benefit of knowing what good management looks likes with Betty Nolan her old mentor people / leadership skills (2nd last para page 2) and procedural performance reviews (top of page 3)

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Summary Notes

­ The GSU has a history of less than effective management in the past (page 3 para2) ­ Culturally poor collaboration and teamwork (page4) ­ Performance review system is a “mystery” (page4) ­ No clear communication (page4) ­ Delegation process is unclear (page4) Over aching all this is the presence of the hospital budget cuts which makes a monetary solution difficult to enact. 29 one on ones requested on the first day does some up the feeling of resentment and negativity.

Barbara clearly has an excellent grasp on what the issues are but the question is what to tackle first and where is the most benefit going to be. Her solutions thus far are: ­ One­to­one meetings: these would take an enormous amount of time and serve as one way traffic in communication. Therefore excellent to receive information on the unit but it is clear that Barbara didn’t or was unable to change or influence the culture. Great thing is that 29 people felt passionately to approach her to discuss issues. ­ Off Site meeting: Well intended but...

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