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I only thought not wearing shoes regularly was mostly for people that live in poor developing countries, until I noticed a fellow BGSU student never wearing shoes. This has not been just a one-time occurrence; every time I see him on my Wednesday walk to class or even just around campus he has never had shoes on! Not wearing shoes I later found out has become a somewhat large debate, dealing with the many benefits, along with some potential dangers. I was definitely surprised with all of the research I found, since I never really pondered deeply about how shoes have changed the lives of so many people. After all shoes were originally created to solely protect our feet from harsh terrain, and now they are advertised for many more benefits. The important question to ask now is do all of the benefits shoes provide outweigh the benefits of just going barefoot?
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9). Going barefoot has many potential health benefits including stimulating nerves on the bottom of the feet, which in some cases may boost the immune system, increase circulation, reduce blood pressure, and can help to eliminate more stress/tension. One of the most important health benefits that has been studied correlating with going barefoot is that in certain cases it helped reduce inflammation naturally. Our bodies naturally can carry a positive charge, which are used in the immune system, and other natural healing processes. When excess positive charges build up, it can cause too much inflammation and damage to tissue. Luckily, the ground commonly has a negative charge, which making direct contact with the ground, like going barefoot, would cause excess positive charges found in inflammations to be drained away faster than if you were to wear shoes (Barefoot Benefits,

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